Report of Africa Partners Initiative e.V. (API) COVID-19 Intervention at Takalafia Community, in Bassan Jiwa, AMAC, Abuja, Nigeria.  


Nigeria was plunged into a state of confusion, panic and anxiety on 27th February 2020 when the first index case of Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) was reported in Lagos, South-West Nigeria. These reactions exhibited by the citizens seem justifiable in view of the trail of the disease as experienced in Wuhan, China.

Unfortunately, not so much is known about COVID-19 which is still being studied and keeps evolving. In Nigeria, there has been a lot of apprehension as the situation has overwhelmed other countries that are developed and well equipped and hence supposed to possess the capacity to withstand the outbreak. The global situation has currently (20th July 2020) exceeded 14 million cases while over six hundred thousand deaths have been recorded. The current characteristics of the disease are still being studied, Nigeria has recorded 5,180 confirmed cases and 164 deaths as at 15th May 2020, while government is still tracking contacts across the country. New cases are being confirmed across states of the country daily and there has still not been any known cure for the disease neither has there been any vaccine for prevention. 

Following the need to control the spread of the disease, the federal and state governments have taken certain measures, including lockdown of majority of the federating states across the country. Citizens have been compelled to stay at home, schools, offices and religious houses have been closed. Airports and borders have been short down, there is no doubt this is a prevention measure.

Considering the effect of the lockdown on households with little or no savings and the adverse conditions it would plunge many more vulnerable households into, Africa Partners Initiative e. V. (API) in collaboration with Community – Based Initiative for Growth and Sustainability (C-BIGS) sensitized 106 households on hygiene promotion and provided palliative to Takalafia community in Bassan Jiwa, Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) of the Federal Capital Territory on 16th May 2020 as an effort to cushion the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic impact of the lockdown.


  • To sensitise Takalafia community on hygiene promotion in response to COVID-19
  • To distribute food items, hygiene equipment and other palliative commodities to 106 households in Takalafia community. 


  • Goodwill message from Germany

Collins G. Adeyanju, Coordinator of API delivered the goodwill message from the donors and good people in Germany. He conveyed the spirit of solidarity of the German people to the community, especially in this time of global health pandemic and importantly the economic hardship the pandemic has caused. Similarly, the sentiment was also reiterated by the executive director of C-BIGS; Seyi Olagundoye. She reminded the community of the need to keep up the ongoing behaviour change campaign (Water Sanitation and Hygiene – WASH) against open defecation, sanitation and hygiene. 

  • Sensitisation of Households on Hygiene Promotion

The community was reminded of the WHO guidelines on curbing the spread of the coronavirus disease (frequent handwashing, coughing into a bent elbow or tissue paper, proper disposal of used tissue, avoid touching of face, nose and eyes with unclean hands and maintaining social distancing). Being a community in which hygiene and sanitation are being implemented, they were reminded of the importance to complete the construction of their latrine and improve on their hygiene practices.

  • Installation of handwashing station

Two handwashing stations were installed, one at community center and the other at the make-shift primary school of the community. The handwashing station was handed over to the community leaders for upkeep and maintain.

  • Groceries and Food Distribution

106 households received a pack containing varieties of food item (e.g. 5kg of rice, curry Maggi, salt, tomato paste and oil) and the corresponding number of facemasks per household.

  • Face Mask

A prior population and household head count was undertaken, and 500 face masks were purchased, of which 486 were distributed to the 106 households, based on the number of persons in each household. 


The project was a complete success. The entire community comprising 106 households demonstrated their appreciation of the kind gesture from the intervention funders in Germany and Nigeria. The spirit of the people was lifted, knowing they are cared for. They expressed their deep joy at the empathy shown by being supported economically. The video clip of the intervention demonstrates this feeling and the final vote of thanks from the community leader sums this up. 


The Takalafia palliative intervention project was funded by donations and contributions from spirited individuals in Germany and Nigeria, and Africa Partners Initiative (API) itself. A total amount of 1,280 Euro was fund raised. The API as an organization sponsored a seed funds of 455 Euro, while the rest was donated by individuals. Special tribute goes to these heroes and heroines of humanity, who sacrificed their money and time to help community in grave economic need at a time the COVID-19 pandemic is causing collective social and economic hardship:

  1. Mrs Vera Sredojev
  2. Mr Behdad Bodaghi
  3. Mr Daniel Helgert 
  4. Mr Grigori Grigoriev ‘Grisha’
  5. Mr Collins G. Adeyanju
  6. Ms Kirsten Wünsche
  7. Mrs Marion Wünsche
  8. Mrs Seyi Olagundoye
  9. Mr Haruna Abdullahi ‘Haruspice’
  10. Mrs Bintu Omotosho
  11. Africa Partners Initiative
  12. Community-Based Initiative for Growth and Sustainability (C-BIGS)


Africa Partner Initiative in collaboration Community – Based Initiative for Growth and Sustainability recognize the current economic hardship experienced by many households in Nigeria as a result of the COVID-19 and hope that this little deed of charity extended to Takalafia community would cushion the effects of this pandemic.

Annexes: Photos from event

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Figure 1
Some members of the community

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Collins G. Adeyanju (API Coordinator) addressing community members on COVID-19, Hygiene and messages from donors in Germany
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Distribution of palliative & face mask to head of households
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Sensitising community on hygiene and COVID-19

Video of the event coming soon.