About us


…towards actualization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa through promoting mutually beneficial development strategies


To serve as platform for ideas and knowledge exchange for Africa’s development


Bridging knowledge gap between Africa and rest of the world. 


  • To enhance knowledge exchange between technical well-off and worse-off worlds, by building bridges between African and German/European experts for intra – and trans-cultural exchanges
  • To promote evidence-based behaviour change models and decision-making research and training for health professionals, NGOs, schools and public institutions
  • To facilitate public health intervention in critical deficient areas (e.g. vaccination)
  • To bridge the development divide that inspires economic migration from Africa
  • To promote approaches and mechanisms for conflict resolution, peace-building and de-radicalisation among young people in Africa and rest of the world
  • To promote entrepreneurship network between Germans and Africans, whose outcomes have impacts on society and achieving SDGs in Africa by 2030 (e.g. exchanges between farmers, medical expertise, businesses, artisanship, technological innovations, automobile, etc.).
  • To serve as platform for exchange between local African communities/organisations/individuals and their German/European counterparts. E.g. internship, volunteerism in Africa, au pair, community peer mentorship, etc.
  • To promote expansion of social entrepreneurship ventures/ideas among young people in Africa and/or Africans everywhere
  • To promote any activities or endeavour that contributes to attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially our seven core focus.