Public Health Intervention and Research in Africa

Goal: To strengthen partnership for public health evidence-based research and intervention upon which improve public health decision-making and practices are achieved.

Preventive measure are vital – they eliminate the possibility of or prevent disease, save millions of live and at the same time reduces, if not eliminate out of pocket expenses associated with healthcare costs. But vaccine preventable diseases and infections like malaria and typhoid still kill millions of people each year. And emerging diseases, such as Ebola and Lassa fever, have brought several countries in the sub-Saharan Africa to its epidemic knees. The world urgently needs to join hands to fight and develop effective strategies to address these challenges.

Strategic Objectives

  1. One of the goals and objectives of the public health intervention and research agenda is to address priority health issues, not limited only to suitable capacities;
  2. To strengthen public health research capacity and the use for developing evidence-based intervention in Africa and in partnership with academic and research institutions across the world;
  3. To promote collaboration and coordination among  existing networks to conduct research on public health priority issues across the Africa region;
  4. To assess effectiveness of existing public health interventions on health conditions that have been prioritised by the health policy instruments in the region;
  5. To support research on surveillance methodologies and quality interventions;
  6. To use evidence-based research to design public health intervention projects

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